The Power of Hitting Rock Bottom

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I never thought I would be living the current life I live. Four years ago I worked in Corporate America, unhappy with my life and was barely making ends meet. Two years prior to that my daughter and I experienced homelessness and had to go and live with a complete stranger while I took two months to get my stuff together.

It took me hitting rock bottom to make a decision to never allow myself or my daughter to get this low ever again! That was 6 years ago and since then I have transitioned off my 9 to 5 which within 6 months of leaving I tripled my income by simply pursuing my passion: talking. LOL

I have always been the type to never meet a stranger and could spark up a conversation with a dog if he could talk back!

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(Pictured with Celebrity Stylist J. Bolin in PA where we both were speakers for an event. I never thought I’d be on a platform with celebrities, let alone on a platform PERIOD!) 

Helping others has always been a passion of mine as well. So I decided to put the two together and began helping women solve problems that was hindering their success in life. I later learned this was called coaching so I went, got certified and began to be compensated for my services.

Services? Products? Speaking platform? ME? Absolutely NOT! I never saw this in my future but I am so glad the plan of God trumps our plan any day!

Here’s how I learned to make my rock bottom experience work for me (and you can too):

  1. I identified HOW I got there to ensure I never ended up in this place again.
  2. I got serious about what I wanted because homelessness and unable to pay my bills definitely wasn’t it.
  3. I did some deep soul searching and identified bad habits I needed to break and developed a plan to not only break them but also what I needed to replace them with.

Perhaps you are experiencing your rock bottom right now. I encourage you to take a moment and evaluate where you are, how you got here, where you desire to be and what it will take for you to get there.

Doing the above is a self-coaching technique I use on myself anytime I feel stuck and need a push. I no longer seek outside sources to motivate me but I’ve learned to empower me to be great! You too can be the same!

Down is not your destiny therefore, get up and make this experience work for you!

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No Time to Come Off the Wall


As I continue to study the life of Nehemiah I learned that his role was to rebuild the walls within the city of Jerusalem. However, as always whenever you have a purpose or mission (or what I like to call a Kingdom Assignment) in life, there will always be opposition. Anything that comes too easy along this journey now will actually scare me a bit. Because our adversary only fights those who are going to tremendously damage his kingdom and uproot him from his illegally claimed territory.

Just as Nehemiah set out to complete the task set before him he too had enemies to rise up against him to try and prevent him from fulfilling his life’s purpose. In Nehemiah 6 you see where Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem set out to distract Nehemiah from rebuilding the walls.

While Nehemiah was focused on rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, his enemies sent word to him suggesting that he come down off the wall to address their accusations. But what I love about Nehemiah is he refused to be distracted by their gestures. He had the king’s approval to rebuild but more importantly he had the favor and “go ahead” of God to do just as he instructed which was to take back his city! In Nehemiah 6:3 it tells us that when Nehemiah realized they (Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem or who would we call haters) were plotting to harm him, he replied by sending a message to them (notice that he sent a message, he didn’t move off of his post but he remained where he was and sent a word to his haters) saying, “I am engaged in a great work, so I can’t come.” Here’s the kicker: Nehemiah goes on to say, “Why should I stop working to come and meet with you?”

See, here is where many of us mess up. We want to show how big and bad we are that we get out of position and lower our standards to our enemies who end up laughing at us because they got just what they wanted and that was to distract you and remove you from your blessed place!10

But Nehemiah wasn’t having that. He was like, “Dude you aren’t worthy of discussion. I have the king’s approval plus God on my side and that’s all I need.” What’s my point in sharing this story? You too must become so focused on your Kingdom assignment that you ignore your naysayers, overlook their harmful gestures and submit to prayer and leading your team just as Nehemiah did.

Nehemiah was a man of prayer, organization and phenomenal leadership abilities. He set
out a goal and poured his all into accomplishing it. I encourage you to study the life of Nehemiah (chapters 1- 13) and observe how he handled obstacles and adversity. The Bible says, Nehemiah prayed and worshiped the Lord.

It’s time to get really souled out to God. As you can see the world is getting worst and we really need to position ourselves to receive from the Lord for what the world has to offer is appealing yet it’s temporary and we must focus on our eternal resting place. Whether we choose to believe it or not, focus on it or not, there is life after death and everything we do or don’t do (according to God’s instructions) we will have to give an account for. God is not going to want to hear “Well, I was going to do it Lord but they hindered me!” Who is “they?” They can’t keep you from the blessed place Christ is calling you into. Only you can! There will be no excuses in Heaven therefore, we must practice not making them while in the Earth.

Another key to our success is being what I call “God Reliant”. Nehemiah did not rely on his own judgement, power or ability but he trusted the Lord to strengthen him to do the impossible which was to be successful in rebuilding the walls of his city!!! Whatever call, mission or purpose Christ has placed upon or within you I want you to go after it with your whole heart knowing that the purpose of you achieving it is for the glory of God.

Sure, there will be trials. There will be adversity but you shall overcome in the face of your enemies. Remember this, if you can’t remember anything else: Psalm 32:5 states that 5Christ will prepare a table for us in the presence of our enemies right? Well, for that to be possible that means your enemies must be present right? So, stop dismissing everyone and feeling you owe everyone an explanation for why you are doing what you do. Just build my friend and give no attention, energy or focus to anyone who may be trying to tear it down. Then in doing so, watch God bless you right in the faces of those who tried to discourage you just as he did Nehemiah.

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