5 Principles Entrepreneurs Must Activate in Their Business


As a Kingdom Entrepreneur it’s essential to incorporate key principles and core values into your business.

On page 137 in my best selling book, The Entrepreneur Blueprint I define a Kingdom Entrepreneur as the following: “One who has fully committed and submitted both their natural and supernatural gifts to the advancement of the Kingdom of God.” 

One thing I want to ensure is clear is that our gifts are not limited to the four walls of the church. However, all that God has placed on the inside of us is to bring his glory, presence and love into every person we encounter.

This week  I conduct a live training on Periscope entitled: IGNITE SUCCESS TRAINING where I shared (20) Principles to IGNITE Trailblazing Success in your business. Today I will only share (4); you can feel free to connect with me on Periscope @CarlaRCannon to watch both Part I & II of the training for deeper details and discussion.

I began by sharing the definition of the word: IGNITE which means to set something on fire; or to give life or energy to something or someone. When you are set on fire; or have life poured into you it’s impossible to remain the same, or become comfortable in your current state.

As an advocate for Sisterhood and Kingdom Entrepreneurship it is my mission to blaze a trail to help others keep their brothers and sisters “lit” in an effort to up-build the Kingdom of God. black woman1. Give your story time to develop: As a new entrepreneur it’s essential that you pace yourself. Too often we are in a hurry to make a dollar without first establishing a core message with our audience (which is our story)

POINT 1: Your story is the number one connector to your audience. Before people can buy from you they must first be able to relate to you.

2. Spend time developing YOU: Too often we try to build a business without first building ourselves. You are no good to your customers/clients if you are broken, distracted and live a private life full of chaos. Whatever you have going on in your personal life if left unattended will bleed over into your business.

POINT 2: Before one can lead, they must first learn how to be led.

3. Invest in a mentor/coach early on: Why wait until you find yourself stuck, in a rut or burned out to reach out for help? Think prevention rather than intervention. In life we all need help, however, no one person has everything you need. This is why it is important to focus on one key area in your life at a time rather than having a coach for this and a coach for that all at once; at least when you are first starting out. Too many voices can do more harm than good. At the same time always be open to wisdom and sound advice that can help you both personally and professionally.

POINT 3: Always remain teachable.

4. Perfect your craft before you put a price on it: Too many are using the lives of others to practice their business which is a big no no. Too many are packaging mess and putting a price on it. Ensure that what you are offering has substance that can literally transform the life of your clients.

POINT 4: Your Purpose is NOT your hustle.

5. Never despise small beginnings- start where you are with what you have. – Who said you need money? You have a gift. What I’ve learned is that many people I come across feel they have a money problem when the truth is they have an idea problem. Tapping into your gift un-apologetically can lead to great wealth if you will commit to a lifetime of learning and becoming content (not complacent) where you are and with what you have. Use what is in your hands and be willing to sacrifice now so that you can enjoy life to the fullest later.

POINT 5: You have everything you need to begin right now. Lean in.

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Characteristics of a Kingdom Entrepreneur

When you think of the words, Kingdom Entrepreneur, what comes to mind?

A Kingdom Entrepreneur is one who has fully submitted and committed both their natural and supernatural gifts for the advancement of the Kingdom of God through the marketplace.

A Kingdom Entrepreneur’s primary focus and priority is to make Jesus famous throughout the world with a spirit of excellence.

Now you may be thinking, I’m no preacher Carla. Sure, you may not have undergone seminary school and the word, Reverend, Bishop, Minister or Pastor may not be in front of your name but we are all called to be ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But one misconception of a minister is that the only way we can share Christ with others is through the spoken word.

But truth is, the greatest sermon many of us will ever preach is through our lifestyle. Anyone can grab a mic and preach a 3 point message but very few can actually walk it out and live what they teach.

What am I saying? As Kingdom Entrepreneurs it is our call and mandate to express the love of Jesus through our businesses to those in which we are called to serve. We are to operate in excellence and over deliver to our clients rather than operate outside of an integral manner and being the only Jesus many will see.

Kingdom Entrepreneurs look to the Word of God to lead and guide them as it relates to how they conduct and operate their business. The key to building a profitable business is by committing time daily to work on you as a person. As a KE we do not sell false hope neither is it our goal to lead others unto us, but moreso to the one who sent us. It would be safe to say that we are called to be the 21st century version of John the Baptist whose ultimate mission and calling was to prepare the way of the Lord!

Kingdom Entrepreneurs are to possess the following character traits: 

(1) Trustworthy– People only buy from who they know, like and trust

(2) Effective Communicator- To properly service your clients you must listen more and speak less. It also must be crystal clear the type of services you provide. A confused mind will never buy!

(3) Loyalty- Many people have been burned therefore, ensuring they understand that you are committed to their success will bring a sense of comfort.

(4) Honesty– If you are promoting a product or service, ensure that you are providing exactly what you say. It is better to over deliver than to under deliver which will leave your client feeling they received much more than they anticipated.

(5) Positive Attitude– In all situations it’s important to be positive and help others see the brighter side of things. People are always seeking encouragement and to be empowered. Positive energy, positive attitude and positive words are key!

This information was taken from Chapter 6 of the below book: The Entrepreneur Blueprint. If you have enjoyed this article visit http://www.theentrepreneurblueprint.net and order your exclusive copy today! Official release date is: April 29, 2016!


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