5 Things You Need to Live the Life of Your Dreams

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Do you currently find yourself living a life that you know is completely beneath your current capabilities?

Do you find yourself addicted to mediocrity rather than extraordinary living?

Are you ready to think and grow bigger?

As a Kingdom Entrepreneur for the past six years I didn’t always play big or think big. I used to self-sabotage a lot, make excuses or even shy away from large platforms. But the more my confidence grew the more I evolved and became comfortable in my own skin.

Many desire to be successful which requires one to take the stairs and not the elevator. You can not copy people’s content because you notice they gain a lot of traction and think it will work for you. I have witnessed this so much in the industry of coaching, publishing and speaking.

(Speaking at my annual Women of Standard Experience in North Carolina)

You have a unique voice and gift to share with the world and in order to be effective you must

a.) Establish your own voice
b.) Deny the copy-cat syndrome
c.) Be willing to DO THE WORK!

Your brand/business will excel the moment you make a cognizant decision to BE YOU! Many fall into the trap of becoming who others desire them to be but that will cause you to become a fraud and hypocrite.

Here are a few keys to finding your own voice:

a.) Identify things and topics that you are passionate about
b.) Develop an audience who share these interests with you
c.) Identify a problem your target audience is having.
d.) Solve the problem through a product or service you provide
e.) Incorporate your personal story in your brand

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(Signing books at one of my live events in North Carolina)

Now that we have that out of the way there are 5 things I want to share that will help you live the life of your dreams:

1. Good Health- Taking care of yourself is a must. Many fail to add themselves to their calendar and have a tendency to put others before themselves. I know we are taught to do this. But if your body breaks down due to improper diet, lack of rest, or unresolved issues that lead to spiritual, physical, mental and even emotional depletion then what good are you to others?

2. Dedication– Marry the vision- no more one night stands with your vision and goals, but you must be committed to see what you desire to fruition and perhaps tweak your message, delivery or method while remaining true to who you are at the CORE.

3. Focus- Follow one course until successful. In my book, The Entrepreneur Blueprint I share this formula: Divided focus= NO focus. Let that set in.

4. Strategy- Ideas + Strategy = SUCCESS You can have a great idea but if you lack strategy and proper timing your effort will not be successful. Many do not lack talent, potential or drive but what is lacking is strategy. This is what separates US from THEM. US being Kingdom Entrepreneurs and THEM being worldy entrepreneurs who are only in their line of work for personal gain. Sadly WEs are winning because we carry the bread and butter (anointing + gifting) lack the key thing that is needed to be successful in any industry you may be in.

5. Resilience- Never Ever Give Up! In order to live the life of your dreams you must be willing to never quit. Now, I am not saying become a “hustler” and join the “no sleep/hustle hard” team. But I am saying is you must tap into your inner strength knowing that you have what it takes to be successful and keep pressing until you see manifested in the earth what God showed you in the spirit.

Remember skill alone is never enough!

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By speaking with a trained professional who has already accomplished what you desire to do is a great way to get you moving at a fast pace.

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Carla R Cannon


Characteristics of a Kingdom Entrepreneur

When you think of the words, Kingdom Entrepreneur, what comes to mind?

A Kingdom Entrepreneur is one who has fully submitted and committed both their natural and supernatural gifts for the advancement of the Kingdom of God through the marketplace.

A Kingdom Entrepreneur’s primary focus and priority is to make Jesus famous throughout the world with a spirit of excellence.

Now you may be thinking, I’m no preacher Carla. Sure, you may not have undergone seminary school and the word, Reverend, Bishop, Minister or Pastor may not be in front of your name but we are all called to be ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But one misconception of a minister is that the only way we can share Christ with others is through the spoken word.

But truth is, the greatest sermon many of us will ever preach is through our lifestyle. Anyone can grab a mic and preach a 3 point message but very few can actually walk it out and live what they teach.

What am I saying? As Kingdom Entrepreneurs it is our call and mandate to express the love of Jesus through our businesses to those in which we are called to serve. We are to operate in excellence and over deliver to our clients rather than operate outside of an integral manner and being the only Jesus many will see.

Kingdom Entrepreneurs look to the Word of God to lead and guide them as it relates to how they conduct and operate their business. The key to building a profitable business is by committing time daily to work on you as a person. As a KE we do not sell false hope neither is it our goal to lead others unto us, but moreso to the one who sent us. It would be safe to say that we are called to be the 21st century version of John the Baptist whose ultimate mission and calling was to prepare the way of the Lord!

Kingdom Entrepreneurs are to possess the following character traits: 

(1) Trustworthy– People only buy from who they know, like and trust

(2) Effective Communicator- To properly service your clients you must listen more and speak less. It also must be crystal clear the type of services you provide. A confused mind will never buy!

(3) Loyalty- Many people have been burned therefore, ensuring they understand that you are committed to their success will bring a sense of comfort.

(4) Honesty– If you are promoting a product or service, ensure that you are providing exactly what you say. It is better to over deliver than to under deliver which will leave your client feeling they received much more than they anticipated.

(5) Positive Attitude– In all situations it’s important to be positive and help others see the brighter side of things. People are always seeking encouragement and to be empowered. Positive energy, positive attitude and positive words are key!

This information was taken from Chapter 6 of the below book: The Entrepreneur Blueprint. If you have enjoyed this article visit http://www.theentrepreneurblueprint.net and order your exclusive copy today! Official release date is: April 29, 2016!


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