Overcoming the “IF” Factor


Have you ever found yourself thinking: I’d be happy when ____________or if ____________?  I too have found myself in this place.

I have said things aloud such as, Whoo! I can’t wait until the Summer” (like experiencing the Fall isn’t a blessing.) Or “My goodness it’s hot out here, I can’t wait until the Fall!”

No seriously….
I’ve even had real conversations with myself such as, “I’d be happier if I were married.” Or “I’d be happier once I left my 9 to 5.” One thing I’ve learned about life is our inner peace should not be determined by outside circumstances. What lies within you is far greater than anything that could ever happen around you.

Here are 5 steps to overcoming the “IF” Factor:

  1. Be grateful for your NOW!
  2. Embrace what God has for YOU!
  3. Develop a pre-determined mindset of intentional living!
  4. Look at others long enough to be inspired but turn away when tempted to covet
  5. Live life abundantly!

Following the above steps will position you to living a life of “WHAT NEXT GOD!?” Rather than “WHAT IF?” The first one operates in faith & the other is led by fear. Which will you choose? You have what it takes to overcome the IF factor! Live in your NOW & begin to thank God for His many blessings and name them one by one!


How to Develop a Positive Self Image

How to Develop a Positive Self Image: Steps to Rebuilding After You’ve Been Torn Down
In order to operate successfully as a BOSS one must possess a positive self image. How we think of and view ourselves is usually embedded into us via our childhood. Whether it was your father who validated you, or failed to do so; your mother who protected you,or failed to do so; a teacher who saw the best in you and encouraged you to dig deeper; or failed to do so; etc. Each of these interactions helped shape our mentality (how we view ourselves) as well as our individuality (what sets us a part from others)
Perhaps you were like me in which you had teachers who doubted you and declared over your life that you would never be anything. Or maybe you had family members who doubted you or counted you out because of your issues. Or loved ones you violated you instead of protecting you. Been there? I have too.
But the great news is it’s never too late to overcome even our deepest childhood hurts and lingering wounds.
I want to ask you the following questions and I want you to be honest with yourself:
1. How do you view yourself? -Do you see yourself through the lenses of others and your past or the lenses of God’s word in regards to your future?
2. What do you say about you? – When you fail at a particular task or activity do you then label yourself as a failure?
3. How do you care for YOU? – Do you care for your temple by monitoring what you eat, watch and who you surround yourself with?
Repeat this after me and fill in the blank:
– I forgive _________ for doing ___________ to me. – Now is the time to release those who have held you captive due to you not releasing them wholeheartedly.
– I forgive myself for ___________________.- We all make mistakes and now is the time to forgive yourself and stop holding yourself hostage due to previous mistakes.
-I give myself permission to __________________. – Greatness is within you! It simply needs to be UNLOCKED, UNLEASHED & ACTIVATED! Guess what? You have the keys! Utilize them!
– I will passionately pursue my dream of becoming a __________________. -Life is full of possibilities and endless opportunities make a decision today to get out of your own way and passionately pursue purpose.
After you have went through the above self-coaching activity I’d like to leave you with a few things:
Steps to Develop a Positive Self Image:
1. Refuse to accept what was spoken over you. – You are NOT who they say you are but who God says you are! Embrace it and accept it as your reality.
2. Renounce all negative words- Detox your mind and spirit of every negative emotion. Journal it out if you have to; as long as you release it.
3. Declare Gods truth over your life despite your reality – God’s word is the final authority for your life.
4. Recondition your mind- Do this by reading books that will restore your spirit. Start with the Word of God and then inspirational books that provide strategies to restore your self esteem and increase your confidence. Your true identity is found in Christ, not in the opinions of others.
5. Develop a healthy attitude about yourself which will be a contributing factor to how u view and relate to others.- How you feel about yourself is a reflection of how you treat others. Remember this.
6. Be strategic & intentional about WHO you spend your time with.- Who speaks over you has access to your soul. Soul= mind will and emotions. What we hear effects how we feel and how we feel influence what we do and say.
Doing the above will make you confident in your call, clarify your identity and teach you the necessity of celebrating others.
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Are You Executing or Making Excuses?

Do you often find yourself daydreaming about the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s? You know what these are. Perhaps you say to yourself, “I should of hired a coach!” “If I did I could be much further than I am now.” Or maybe you have said, “I would do _______ if only I had _____________.

The three things I have witnessed so many women fill that last line with is: support, time and money. As a business coach I often hear women say, I would pursue my dreams but I don’t have a good support system. Or I would work out but I just can’t seem to find the time. Or I want to hire you as a coach but I do not have the money.

There are two types of people in this world: Those who watch things happen and those who make things happen. The word “make” here doesn’t mean that these individuals hold all power in their hands but what it does mean is they take intentional steps and make intentional sacrifices in order to make their dreams a reality. This is what I want to encourage you to do today. Refuse to allow another year to pass you by while others make time to pursue their dreams which in turn helps them provide a better quality of life for their family.

What if I told you there was a way you could still spend time with your family or at your local church as well as pursue your dreams? What if I told you that the excuses you are making will only cause you to remain stagnant while others move forward in purpose tackling giants that arise in their life head on? What if I told you life is about choices and we can choose to make excuses or we can choose to execute!

Truth is everything you need to live a meaningful life has already been presented before you. What you have to do is experience a change in your perspective. You have the money you need to get started. You have the support you need to launch out. You have the time needed to create a legacy for your family but it’s up to you to realize it.

Choose today to no longer allow lack to be your portion. So often we say, “I can’t afford this” or “I can’t afford that.” Meanwhile, our hair and nails are done. We eat out with our co-workers on a consistent basis and we are always rocking the finest apparel. Truth is, we pay for what we want. The Good Book tells us that where your “treasure” is there your money will be also.

I can assure you that if it is coaching that you need or to hire a new graphic designer to assist with marketing a virtual event you want to host, you have the means to do so.

Coming to this realization begins with one thing: How bad do YOU really want it? Some things in life we simply do not want bad enough. Because when you want something bad enough you are willing to eat oodles and noodles, hot pockets, beanies and weanies for months if that’s what it takes for you to pursue your dream! Unfortunately success will cost us our time and money. Although it doesn’t take money to make money you can definitely generate ways to use what you have to produce the income you need.

Grab a pen & pad & answer the following questions:

  1. What are 3 things I can do without right now for the next 6 months in order to pursue my dream?
  2. What do I offer for free that I could and should be charging for?
  3. Am I willing to sacrifice picking up a 2nd job to pay for the coaching/training I need to position myself to live the life of my dreams?
  4. What is ONE thing I can do now that can change the trajectory of my life?

Take a moment and answer the above questions and answer them honestly. Next, I want you to pull out your check book or log into your banking account online and make a list of all of the unnecessary transactions you’ve made just today or the previous week, or last month. How much of that money could have been used toward having your website created? How much of that could have been used toward the creation of a new product?

Now put your pen down and reflect. Do you see how you have had everything you have needed all the while? You actually CAN afford to pursue your dreams. You CAN afford to hire a coach. You CAN go back to college to further your education. You DO have time to work out. You DO have time to spend with your spouse and your loved ones while doing what you love professionally.

Always remember, when you are serious about your future others will work with you but no one is handing out freebies. Matter of fact you shouldn’t even want a hand out! Statistics prove that individuals who invest in themselves tend to be more successful than those who are handed a free pass. If everything in life were handed to you and I we wouldn’t value anything.

So what is it that you need to do right now? Regardless of what it is or how much it cost, determine if it is worth the investment by asking: (1) Will doing this one thing help change my life? (2) Am I willing to do the work? (3) Am I really sick and tired of being sick & tired?

Once you answer these questions truthfully you will know if you still want to play around or if you are desperate for change and are willing to do what it takes to see it manifest in your life! To experience success it will cause you to have to experience temporary discomfort as you are creating the life you desire or deserve. All of the greats from Oprah Winfrey to Bill Gates even to Warren Buffett had to experience uncomfortable circumstances as they took the stairs to success.

Make a decision to minimize and even eliminate all excuses and position yourself to EXECUTE!

2017 is the year to UNLOCK, UNLEASH & ACTIVATE! You have what it takes you just need to get out of your own way!

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How to Get Out of Your Own Way


I can, I shall, I must! I can, I shall, I must! I can I shall I must! These are the words I constantly remind myself of daily (from one of my favorite motivational coaches: Dr. Eric Thomas) as it relates to fulfilling my life purpose. In the world we live in today we are faced daily with all kinds of adversity, opposition and trials that come to tempt us to waver in our faith, give up on our dreams and doubt the God of the universe.


Every day we are faced with fears of success, fear of failing, worrying how we are going to fund our vision. We ask questions like, “Am I qualified?” “Where am I going to get the money?” “Am I good enough?” “Can this really happen for my life?”

The answer to your question is Yes! You are more qualified than you realize. Your past and previous pain, mistakes and failures have all been washed away by the blood of Jesus and you no longer have to hold on to yesterday’s pain and misery. But you can embrace the love of God and joy that is available to you today.

To answer the second question (Where am I going to get the money from?) remember this: in providing you with vision, God will always make provision! He will never place dreams, goals and desires on the inside of you and then not provide you with the necessary resources to help bring the vision into complete manifestation. God simply does not work that way. But here’s why we fall into a rut: (1) We try to make it happen on our own. (2) We refuse to submit to HIS way of doing things (3) We don’t believe.

The problem with trying to make it happen on our own is in doing so we leave God out. He will not share His glory with anyone. He will not share His crown, He will not allow anyone else to get the credit for the greatness that is to come forth from your life. Instead of being self-reliant, we must be God-reliant.

In being God-reliant that means we do not stress out over things we have no control over but we trust God to do what He says and to fulfill His purpose for our lives. We are reminded in Matthew 6:34 not to give any thought about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself. What does that mean? It means live for today. Be fully present in the moment today. Trust God for your needs to be met today. By spending more time in His word you will become equipped, empowered and strengthened to never give up on your dreams as well as learning what the Word of God says concerning your life. There is absolutely no substitute for God’s word!woman-studying

Next, when we refuse to submit to God’s way of doing things we complicate our own process of overcoming and we welcome even greater adversities that could have been avoided if we would simply trust God, obey Him and take His word as commands rather than suggestions.

Then finally, the question is, ‘Do we really believe that God can perform those things we hold close to our heart?’ Do you really believe God will save your loved ones? Do you really believe God can heal you or someone you love of cancer? Do you really believe God can give you favor with your boss? Do you really believe God can do just what He says as it relates to the dreams and visions you hold dear to your heart? Testing comes for all of us but the one thing we have to remember and that is we are more than conquerors (Romans 8:37) and all things are possible (Matthew 19:26) If we will simply choose to release crazy faith and trust the God of the Bible.  For without faith it is impossible to please the Lord (Hebrews 11:6.)

So the next time you are tempted to doubt God or when you find yourself in a storm that appears to be never ending be reminded that storms come to pass and after every storm there is a rainbow. Just as God made covenant with Noah to never again bring a flood upon the earth (Genesis 9:15-17) , He has also made covenant with you to never leave you nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6). Today is the day i want you to declare aloud, “I am good enough!” “I do have what it takes!” “My dreams will become a reality!” Your words have creative power for in the beginning Christ created and formed the world we now live in by the words He spoke (Hebrews 11:3.) Therefore, you too can declare a thing to be so and it shall manifest for you if you will refuse to doubt and commit to placing your trust totally in God.  download

It is past time for you to declare victory over your life! Know that where you are is not your final destination and you have NOT missed your moment! God knows how old you are, your current financial situation, your desire for a mate….God knows! Allow the fact that God knows to be your comfort. He vows to finish the great work He has started within you (Philippians 1:6.)


I charge you to release fear and allow your faith to take over! Take God at His word and trust Him to bring forth every desire of your heart in HIS divine timing (this is key.) Refuse to grow weary in well doing (Galatians 6:9) for if God said it, He is going to perform it. Remain in a posture of thanksgiving, prayer and praise.

Scriptural Reference:
Matthew 6:34
Romans 8:37
Matthew 19:26
Hebrews 11:6
Genesis 9:15-17
Deuteronomy 31:6
Hebrews 11:3
Philippians 1:6
Galatians 6:9

No Time to Come Off the Wall


As I continue to study the life of Nehemiah I learned that his role was to rebuild the walls within the city of Jerusalem. However, as always whenever you have a purpose or mission (or what I like to call a Kingdom Assignment) in life, there will always be opposition. Anything that comes too easy along this journey now will actually scare me a bit. Because our adversary only fights those who are going to tremendously damage his kingdom and uproot him from his illegally claimed territory.

Just as Nehemiah set out to complete the task set before him he too had enemies to rise up against him to try and prevent him from fulfilling his life’s purpose. In Nehemiah 6 you see where Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem set out to distract Nehemiah from rebuilding the walls.

While Nehemiah was focused on rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, his enemies sent word to him suggesting that he come down off the wall to address their accusations. But what I love about Nehemiah is he refused to be distracted by their gestures. He had the king’s approval to rebuild but more importantly he had the favor and “go ahead” of God to do just as he instructed which was to take back his city! In Nehemiah 6:3 it tells us that when Nehemiah realized they (Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem or who would we call haters) were plotting to harm him, he replied by sending a message to them (notice that he sent a message, he didn’t move off of his post but he remained where he was and sent a word to his haters) saying, “I am engaged in a great work, so I can’t come.” Here’s the kicker: Nehemiah goes on to say, “Why should I stop working to come and meet with you?”

See, here is where many of us mess up. We want to show how big and bad we are that we get out of position and lower our standards to our enemies who end up laughing at us because they got just what they wanted and that was to distract you and remove you from your blessed place!10

But Nehemiah wasn’t having that. He was like, “Dude you aren’t worthy of discussion. I have the king’s approval plus God on my side and that’s all I need.” What’s my point in sharing this story? You too must become so focused on your Kingdom assignment that you ignore your naysayers, overlook their harmful gestures and submit to prayer and leading your team just as Nehemiah did.

Nehemiah was a man of prayer, organization and phenomenal leadership abilities. He set
out a goal and poured his all into accomplishing it. I encourage you to study the life of Nehemiah (chapters 1- 13) and observe how he handled obstacles and adversity. The Bible says, Nehemiah prayed and worshiped the Lord.

It’s time to get really souled out to God. As you can see the world is getting worst and we really need to position ourselves to receive from the Lord for what the world has to offer is appealing yet it’s temporary and we must focus on our eternal resting place. Whether we choose to believe it or not, focus on it or not, there is life after death and everything we do or don’t do (according to God’s instructions) we will have to give an account for. God is not going to want to hear “Well, I was going to do it Lord but they hindered me!” Who is “they?” They can’t keep you from the blessed place Christ is calling you into. Only you can! There will be no excuses in Heaven therefore, we must practice not making them while in the Earth.

Another key to our success is being what I call “God Reliant”. Nehemiah did not rely on his own judgement, power or ability but he trusted the Lord to strengthen him to do the impossible which was to be successful in rebuilding the walls of his city!!! Whatever call, mission or purpose Christ has placed upon or within you I want you to go after it with your whole heart knowing that the purpose of you achieving it is for the glory of God.

Sure, there will be trials. There will be adversity but you shall overcome in the face of your enemies. Remember this, if you can’t remember anything else: Psalm 32:5 states that 5Christ will prepare a table for us in the presence of our enemies right? Well, for that to be possible that means your enemies must be present right? So, stop dismissing everyone and feeling you owe everyone an explanation for why you are doing what you do. Just build my friend and give no attention, energy or focus to anyone who may be trying to tear it down. Then in doing so, watch God bless you right in the faces of those who tried to discourage you just as he did Nehemiah.

This blog was written and approved by Carla R. Cannon, The Trailblazer! She is off social media for 60 days but her fabulous staff are posting on her behalf via messages she sends them to share with you as Christ inspires. To remain connected with Carla text: “Girl You Rock” to 55469!

If you desire to go deeper in your prayer life we would like to invite you to purchase Carla’s prayer CD entitled, An Overflow of His Glory (pictured below) at http://www.CarlaCannon.com!


Do You Love God MORE?

1385788_627038330673130_699042657_nI will never forget the day I stood before a live audience and shared my previous struggle with homosexuality. As a young girl I grew up in the church but the problem was the church wasn’t in me. Like many, I was a faithful member, I sung in the choir, I was a part of the hospitality committee; my gifts were utilized but I was unaware of what the anointing of God really was and that He had a great plan to use me to help build His Kingdom.


Earlier in life I had labels placed on me from my school system and they placed me on medication which caused me to think I was crazy or “not normal”. I remember trying to fit in only to be rejected by the “popular” crew in my high school. Funny thing now is many that were popular back then are now on baby number 4, with no husband (or wife for that matter) and some I have even seen in our local newspaper for crimes they have committed.


Being lost in this cold world trying to find my way I remember simply wanting to be loved and accepted. Growing up with my father being very inconsistent in my life I was left with a void which should have been filled by him instead I found others who I thought could really give me what I needed.

“Too often we try to fill voids with things and people only to end up still feeling empty for only God can fill the empty space we feel within our hearts.”

Truth is, the voids many of us feel today only God can fill them. We often try to replace it with drugs, things (earthly possessions) and even people but the morning after or even late that night we are still left broken and empty.


I remember thinking as the next man climbed off top of me, God, why do I keep doing this? You see, I know what it feels like to do things and not understand why you do it. I know what it feels like to date men and women and still be left feeling lost, angry, bitter confused and dirty.


But can I tell you the day I accepted Jesus into my heart and soul as my Lord and Personal Savior is the day my life changed forever. Now sure it was no overnight success and I still have to fight the demons of my past and temptations that try to come across my mind. But what keeps me focused and my foot from slipping is that I love God more!


Whatever is pulling and tugging at you is trying to steal your focus away from God and your Kingdom assignment. Sure it may feel good to have someone in your bed and you enjoy sexual pleasures with them. But is it really worth it when you are left feeling empty and ashamed knowing you settled for less than what God has for you?


I want you to know that you can now stand on top of your issue instead of it standing on top of you! There is power in sharing your story and you must understand that your struggle, shortcomings or what others perceive as failures had very little to do with you at all. You were and are simply a vessel the good Lord has decided to use to help spread His light into a dark and broken world. You were perfect for the assignment. God chose you because He knew you had everything you needed to make it through. Why do you think you are still in your right mind? Why do you think you have not given up? It’s because God has you in the very palm of His hand and He refuses to let you go!

What’s the next step? Now you have to be willing to let go of everything that was once familiar to you in order to embrace this new thing; new way of living the Holy Spirit wants to bestow upon. I too had to give up everything in order to receive EVERYTHING! Does that make sense? I found out that my everything wasn’t worthy to be compared to God’s everything. 

What God has to offer you is more than a temporary fix; what He has is the real thing. I’m sure you remember the song that says, Ain’t nothing like the real thing baby!”  That is how I feel when it comes to God. From that day to this I am yet still learning how to deny myself and tell my flesh to shut up and call forth my spirit man to speak loud and clear.

When you grow and develop to the place that you are tired of disappointing God and allowing the devil to beat the crap out of you repeatedly that is when you will stop falling. It is time to make a decision. What is it going to be? Do you love the drugs or God more? Do you love sex or God more? Do you love your earthly possessions (house, cars, money; etc) or do you love God more?


Today is the day to choose who you are going to serve and please don’t feel that you must have it all figured out! This journey called life is a daily process and I want to encourage you that nothing happens over night but the key is to never give up. Fight what you feel to reach what you know to be true and that is that God is a God who reigns in Heaven and Earth!

Join me in declaring “I LOVE GOD MORE!”

Are You a Wounded Warrior?


Not long ago we honored/remembered the innocent lives of nearly 3,000+ people which were lost on September 11, 2001 where terrorists attacked the Unites States. They hijacked four airplanes in mid-flight and flew two of the planes into two skyscrapers at the World Trade Center in New York City. The impact caused the buildings to catch fire and collapse. Another plane destroyed part of the Pentagon (the U.S. military headquarters) in Arlington, Virginia. The fourth plane then crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Officials believe that the terrorists on that plane intended to destroy either the White House or the U.S. Capitol.

Those who survived this attack were left severely wounded and this is where I gained to title: Wounded Warriors from. Just as in the natural we experience various attacks which can wear on my physical bodies, we can also undergo spiritual attacks which can weigh on us mentally and spiritually.

During my time of prayer the Lord showed me there were many wounded warriors among us today that never stepped foot in Iraq or never engaged in a physical war here on the earth but were engaging in spiritual warfare which took place in their mind, body and spirit.

God began to show me that we have a lot of people encouraging, ministering and empowering others who really need to be encouraged, ministered to and empowered themselves. So many of them have been not just hurt but wounded by people they once trusted, betrayed by those who walked the closest to them and denied by those who were supposed to have their back.

I began to intercede for these individuals being reminded of this feeling for I knew it all too well. You see, society teaches us that no matter what keep moving; keep pushing and keep moving forward in life! We hear this so much to the point that we never take time to treat our wounds. We never take time to acknowledge the hurt, the betrayal or even the events that almost took us out of here if not physically, then spiritually.


Many are doing great things in the body of Christ but often lack the true power of God because we are so busy trying to be Superman and Superwoman pushing ourselves into believing that we can do what only God can do. Sure, we shall do greater works! But we spend so much energy trying to get others to live right instead of ensuring our own foot doesn’t slip in the process. We are so quick to put our mouths on others only to forget that we were once where they are now.

WOUNDED WARRIORS. These are people who do great things in the name of Jesus but it’s in vain because it gets to a point where they begin to operate out of religion and a repeated cycle instead of being led by the Holy Spirit. I believe there comes a time when we literally may have to shut everything down and be honest with God and cry out to Him and tell him we are hurting, tell him we are in pain, tell him we are literally fighting for our lives and truth is we don’t want anyone to know because what will they think of us? What about all the encouraging words we have been sharing with others? Why is it not working for us? Why don’t we apply our own words to our current situation but instead we’d rather walk around like everything is okay. When on the inside we are broken, crying ourselves to sleep at night, crying out to God in the midnight hour or even worst taking pills to stay awake during the day and taking pills to get us through the night.


If you are suffering from any of the above I mentioned then you are indeed a wounded warrior in need of repair. Often times we are so accustomed to fighting that we can’t accept God’s word when He says vengeance belongs to Him according to Deuteronomy 32:35.

I want you to know that it is okay to be honest about how we feel. The Bible never tells us not to acknowledge our true feelings, it only tells us not to be led by them. Trust me, hurt people hurt people and if you are wounded and have yet to be healed you are hurting others in ways you may not even be aware of.

Here are a few ways you can overcome and transition from a wounded warrior to a healed warrior who is indeed a force to be reckoned with:

  1. Be honest about the pain you feel- Cast all of your cares upon the Lord, for He cares for you! (I Peter 5:7)
  2. Submit to Prayer & begin to pray for the people or individual who hurt you. Or perhaps you need to forgive yourself for something you have done. Know that God loves you and He’ll never leave and forsake you. He is one you can share your deepest secrets with and never have to worry about being exposed as long as you have a repentant and sincere heart. Remember God chastens those whom He loves and it is to convict you not condemn you (for condemnation is not of God- Romans 8:1)
  3.  Declare the Word of God over your situation- We are instructed to speak what God’s word says about us and not get stuck in what things appear to be in the natural. Be careful with this part because without proper balance you can end up living in a state of denial. Face your truth. Be honest about where you are. But also, know that God loves you too much for you to remain where you are. Cast down any thoughts that are not of God and that do not draw you closer to Him (II Corinthians 10:5) Remember you control your thoughts and anything the enemy offers you are merely suggestions which you can deny and say “NO!” to! Just because a thought crosses your mind does not mean you should go ahead and do it! No, talk back to the enemy and speak aloud what the Word of God says about your situation.

Now that you know how to get out of a wounded state to a healed state I want you to declare aloud:

“Yes, I was hurt, but I have acknowledged it and now I am healed!”

“Yes, I made some mistakes but I will not allow it to hinder me from transforming into who Christ created me to be!”

“I forgive every person who has ever hurt me!”

“I am whole, healed and free in Jesus!”

“I have laid aside every weight and I now carry unspeakable joy in my heart which is indeed my strength according to Nehemiah 8:10!”

“I am the righteousness of God and I am a true warrior but every now and then warriors have to take time to cater to their own wounds so they can go back out and fight the good fight of faith!”

“I no longer try to fight a spiritual battle in my flesh for the real war goes on in the spirit!”

My friend I am so proud of you and I want you to know that old things have passed away and behold all things have become new. Take time for you on today. It’s okay to take a break from social media, so shut down your emails, text messages and phone calls because the pressures of life can really drain us if we allow it. Go on a mini vacation even if you have to get a hotel for a night just to have a change of scenery. Take your bible and your Ipad with your favorite worship music and just steal away with Jesus. I promise you will leave His presence completely restored, healed and full of His love. Go in peace & know that I am always here to pray you through!


If this blog touched your heart and was truly for you please email me directly at Carla@WomenofStandard.org. Know that you are not alone. I too have been a wounded warrior. I was giving all I had to others so to the point I was left with nothing. No one could pick me up in the spirit and tell I was broken in the midst of my smiles, Facebook posts and while encouraging others. But guess what? God didn’t allow me to. He instructs us to work out our own soul salvation with fear and trembling and so what no one called or no one could tell I was hurting, God was there all along and He didn’t allow them to come to my rescue because guess what? Then I would develop an unconscious habit of depending on them instead of Him.  Be blessed and know that you are not alone and where you are you do not have to remain. The choice is yours!