5 Ways to Dream with Your Eyes Wide Open


One of the keys to successful living is to be purposeful, intentional and focused on what it is you say you truly want.

In a current virtual training entitled, 13 Days of Power I share 5 Ways to Dream with Your Eyes Wide Open. So many are finding themselves living depressed and unfulfilled lives but I am a fervent believer that we have more control than we give ourselves credit for.

Sure, we may not be able to control what happens to us but we can partake and be responsible for what happens in us. In the midst of hurt we can choose not to be offended. In the midst of divorce/transition we can choose not to be bitter. In the midst of a job layoff we can choose not to be depressed but instead tap into a new level of creativity and turn the current obstacle into an opportunity.

Below are 5 ways you can position yourself to live the life of your dreams:

1. Surround yourself with people who are where you desire to be- Instead of being intimidated be inspired.

2. Change your routine- Study what successful people do: Wake up early, workout, be strategic, guard your time

3. Revisit your vision often- This will keep you motivated, inspired & activated (as well as moving forward)

4. Get a mentor- It is impossible to change your life without a spiritual midwife

5. Create declarations for where you desire to be-Write them in present tense and read them aloud daily.

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The wake up call


5 Principles Entrepreneurs Must Activate in Their Business


As a Kingdom Entrepreneur it’s essential to incorporate key principles and core values into your business.

On page 137 in my best selling book, The Entrepreneur Blueprint I define a Kingdom Entrepreneur as the following: “One who has fully committed and submitted both their natural and supernatural gifts to the advancement of the Kingdom of God.” 

One thing I want to ensure is clear is that our gifts are not limited to the four walls of the church. However, all that God has placed on the inside of us is to bring his glory, presence and love into every person we encounter.

This week  I conduct a live training on Periscope entitled: IGNITE SUCCESS TRAINING where I shared (20) Principles to IGNITE Trailblazing Success in your business. Today I will only share (4); you can feel free to connect with me on Periscope @CarlaRCannon to watch both Part I & II of the training for deeper details and discussion.

I began by sharing the definition of the word: IGNITE which means to set something on fire; or to give life or energy to something or someone. When you are set on fire; or have life poured into you it’s impossible to remain the same, or become comfortable in your current state.

As an advocate for Sisterhood and Kingdom Entrepreneurship it is my mission to blaze a trail to help others keep their brothers and sisters “lit” in an effort to up-build the Kingdom of God. black woman1. Give your story time to develop: As a new entrepreneur it’s essential that you pace yourself. Too often we are in a hurry to make a dollar without first establishing a core message with our audience (which is our story)

POINT 1: Your story is the number one connector to your audience. Before people can buy from you they must first be able to relate to you.

2. Spend time developing YOU: Too often we try to build a business without first building ourselves. You are no good to your customers/clients if you are broken, distracted and live a private life full of chaos. Whatever you have going on in your personal life if left unattended will bleed over into your business.

POINT 2: Before one can lead, they must first learn how to be led.

3. Invest in a mentor/coach early on: Why wait until you find yourself stuck, in a rut or burned out to reach out for help? Think prevention rather than intervention. In life we all need help, however, no one person has everything you need. This is why it is important to focus on one key area in your life at a time rather than having a coach for this and a coach for that all at once; at least when you are first starting out. Too many voices can do more harm than good. At the same time always be open to wisdom and sound advice that can help you both personally and professionally.

POINT 3: Always remain teachable.

4. Perfect your craft before you put a price on it: Too many are using the lives of others to practice their business which is a big no no. Too many are packaging mess and putting a price on it. Ensure that what you are offering has substance that can literally transform the life of your clients.

POINT 4: Your Purpose is NOT your hustle.

5. Never despise small beginnings- start where you are with what you have. – Who said you need money? You have a gift. What I’ve learned is that many people I come across feel they have a money problem when the truth is they have an idea problem. Tapping into your gift un-apologetically can lead to great wealth if you will commit to a lifetime of learning and becoming content (not complacent) where you are and with what you have. Use what is in your hands and be willing to sacrifice now so that you can enjoy life to the fullest later.

POINT 5: You have everything you need to begin right now. Lean in.

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The Unexpected Guest: Will You Pass the Test?


It is my prayer that this email finds you in great strength, encouragement and an abundance of joy which will get you through another great week! Sure, I used the word “another” when last week was one interesting and challenging week for me. I was sick for the majority of last week with the chills, then sweats, headaches and more. Then I was faced with a spiritual challenge of a woman who entered into my office claiming to want to invite me to be a part of her event only to try to intimidate and break my spirit (which did NOT happen) and to top it off I was unable to travel to DC to attend Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Success Conference.

But even in the midst of the trials I faced on last week I still identify it as a great week. Here’s why: (1) Because I made it out! Hallelujah! (2) I learned that I am a lot stronger spiritually than I thought I was because although I was highly disrespected in my office I did not allow what the woman attempted to do to enter into my heart. But instead I was filled with the love of God and actually felt very sorry for her to the point that I began to minister to her. That’s right! Her planned attack turned into a ministry moment for her! I ended up with her in my office for over 2 hours and by the end of our meeting I (by the grace of God) had turned her nasty (defensive) attitude and judgmental spirit to one of her saying, “Carla, you are indeed the truth!” LOL I know it sounds comical but initially she flat out told me that she thought I was fake and that all the things I was doing on social media was one big fluff. When she said that I immediately burst out laughing and said, “Are you serious?” She sat there, “straight faced” and said, “Yes.” I then said, “Well darling, I am indeed real about what I do for the Lord so what you see is really what you get!”

I turned that sour moment into one of laughter and I began to find out this was her first event and I began to share wisdom with her concerning things she could do from a professional standpoint. I went as far as  sharing my resources and wisdom with her in which she was very receptive. (But who wouldn’t take free information right? HA!) As she sat in my office all I kept hearing was the scripture that reads, “By loving kindness have I drawn thee”. So obviously this sister had been hurt by women in ministry and was still carrying church hurt in which we dealt with some of it while she was here and I believe her perception of me may have been formed by the thoughts or opinions of others. But guess what? What other people think about you is none of your business!

When she left I flopped in my chair now feeling spiritually drained and said okay Lord that’s why you wouldn’t allow me to come out of prayer this morning when I wanted to. I laughed, got on the phone and shared the experience with my Mom, she praised Jesus that “Cece” (the old me) didn’t show up. We laughed; I hung up then went back to work as if nothing had ever happened.

vintage-exhausted-woman-photo(this is exactly how I felt after she left my office! Spiritually drained because there was some warfare going on in the spirit!)

WHAT’S MY POINT? In the midst of all we face in life it is up to us how we allow things to affect us. We may not be able to control what happens to us but we can control our response to it. We reside in society where everyone is “reacting” versus “responding”. Your reaction is what you do on impulse. But your response is what you do once you have carefully considered all facts and details.

Women and men who are wise know the importance of being slow to speak but quick to listen and slow to judge yet quick to forgive. This is the motto I live by and I admit it is not always easy. Sure, when that woman appeared in my office rude, uptight and with a judgmental spirit (which she admitted to), I instantly had to make a decision whether I was going to allow “Cece” to come out or  remain“Carla” the professional and woman of God who rules, reigns and dominates over the spiritual wickedness that had entered into my office on this particular day.

Which do you think I chose? Absolutely! I chose the latter because one thing I’ve learned in life is we can’t control what people say about us but we can control whether or not we add more fuel to the fire by giving them more to talk about. This is why I decided to go the extra mile with her because how many times has Christ gone the extra mile with us? How many times have we been stubborn or did things that offended God? So although her spirit was off I couldn’t allow her to “infect” me by causing me to act out of character.


Ok, I promise you this is not what this blog was supposed to be about lol I was coming to talk with you about the secret to success which I read in an article about Dr. Phil and how Oprah started out as his lawyer, and she then invited him on her show and he became well known across the world instantly due to that one platform. I guess I had to get some things out first (smile). How about I save that story for tomorrow! Join my email list by going to http://www.CarlaCannon.com and you will receive the story directly to your email on tomorrow!

I like to share my experiences with those who are in my “tribe” (as Motivational Speaker, Lisa Nichols puts it) to expose you to my world and how I choose to handle things. Now, don’t be alarmed I had already warned the lady that I was going to write and talk about this experience because too many women “size up” other women and in doing so they miss out on great personal and/or professional relationships because upon meeting they entered in the wrong spirit and attitude. She laughed when I told her, but I assured her I was “dead serious”. HA!

So, what can you take away from this story:

– Begin each day in prayer, meditation & studying the Word of God

– Never allow someone else’s issue to become your issue.

– Do not take personal attacks personally.

– The love of God conquers all

– You were created to rule, reign and DOMINATE!

– Do not allow evil spirits to intimidate you

– The Word of God and even the love of God is your weapon

– Never react to situations but respond to them

As you go about your week know that you are indeed a force to be reckoned with! I believe the Holy Spirit wanted me to share this story with you to help strengthen you as well and to bring you into higher accountability. As Christians it is truly time for us to walk the talk and do so rather quietly. How we do what we do should speak the highest volumes without us ever having to open our mouth!

Be blessed, remain encouraged and allow no one to tell you who you are for that has already been established in Christ!

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Carla R. Cannon “The Trailblazer”
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