How a BOSS Gets It All Done

black woman working

As a Kingdom Entrepreneur I know all too well the daily stress involved with pursuing purpose while maintaining harmony in your personal life. I am a mother of a teenager and I also run and operate a global enterprise that stemmed from me being transparent in regards to childhood pain and trauma as well as previous experiences I’ve encountered throughout life.

I am the first to tell you that life indeed gets tough and while we have to ensure we have on our spiritual armor daily we also have to be careful not to overlook demonic forces that show up in the areas of busyness and distractions. Did you know that even some opportunities really aren’t to help further your vision but to stifle it? It is important to have a discerning spirit to know which opportunities to say no to and which ones to say yes to. I am all about the power of the NO!

Today I want to share 5 Steps to Getting It All Done: 

  1. Prioritize- Identify which task is of most importance and give your full attention to it until completion.
  2. Identify Your S.S & S.B– These are Solid Sisters & Solid Brothers. Everyone needs someone to pour back into them and not only come to take from you. Your S.S. & S.B. are those who want absolutely nothing from you but to love you. These connections will keep you refreshed and allow you to be you; the woman or man behind the title or function.
  3. Guard Your Time- It is impossible to give everyone priority in your life.  Sure, as you are on the rise to success people are going to come out of the wood works wanting to be in your life. But you must be discerning and gain the approval of God before letting them in. Trust me doing this one thing will save you a lot of heartache.
  4. Guard Your Thoughts- Renounce & denounce anything that does not align with your life mission. Even if it was a family member who should have been uplifting you but rather tore you down declare over your life what God says about you and allow Him to heal the little girl or boy that resides with you.
  5. Pace Yourself – There is no need to be in a hurry. If you became a millionaire overnight without the process of developing a renewed mindset you’d lose it all within 12 months anyway. Why not prepare for your moment while executing and dominating in your lane (the lane in which you are called, anointed and produce the most fruit?)

It is truly my pleasure to serve you. If you desire further assistance in balancing your life or any other areas that will help you become more effective feel free to sign up for one on one coaching with me! I currently am offering when you purchase (1) 60 minute Trailblazer Coaching session with me you will receive a second one absolutely FREE! Just click here to sign up today:

I look forward to serving you further. Until next time, stay focused and know that you have what it takes to dream with your eyes wide open. Make a decision today to love yourself un-apologetically while in the process of becoming all Christ has pre-destined you to be!


4 thoughts on “How a BOSS Gets It All Done

  1. After reading the entir texts, it is difficult to find only one or two takeaways from the blog. Every word is beneficial to one’s journey.
    Set 1 & 2 are the steps that i will begin to master today. I have to learn yo priorities my day and commit 100%of my time to that particular assignment. Also my S.S. or S.B. (I love that) I will make sure that I talk less & refuel more from them.

  2. Wow, this was powerful, the biggest thing for me is SS & SB, so many times when I thought I had that Sister or Brother in my corner that staetes of strong with me, they change. I would get alot of shade, or you think your better then me….ect the list goes on but God. So this journey has been hard because you begin to feel like you have no support and all people do is take take take.

  3. Enjoyed the tops. Time management is so important. Destructions will come but we have to take charge and stay in in control of how we use our time.

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