Setback for a Comeback!


On yesterday millions tuned in worldwide to watch the Superbowl where the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcon were fighting for the crown! Up until the third quarter it appeared the Atlanta Falcons were going to take home the big win. Never in NFL history had a team at that much of an upper hand on its opponent and not taken home a trophy.

The Atlanta Falcons kicked off the game literally blazing trails as they scored one touch down after another. Upon arriving to the third quarter the score was 28 to 3! However, I’m sure Atlanta fans were screaming and thought for sure this was their year to finally bring one home.

But then something happened. New England Team member, Tom Brady began to come in and literally take over the game! It was as if he had waited for this moment and was not moved by the scoreboard for he had assured his time that tonight was their night. New England showed up with a new energy that had not been witnessed until now.

Little did we know the Atlanta Falcons would not score again. The game ended up tied and went into overtime. With Falcons’ fans sitting on the edge of their seats the Patriots were all over the field. They were hitting interceptions and touch downs right and left. Now I am no true football fan however, I was watching the entire game last night with someone who is and I was tuned in as I watched this championship team being setback for what at the time seemed to be a takeover. But little did we know they were simply set back for a comeback!

History was made on last night for no team has ever been that low and recovered. New England Patriots took the trophy home with a win of 34-28. It was the highlight of their life and many of the team mates showed extreme emotion as reporters flocked to them and they all hugged and jumped around to celebrate their victory.

Why am I sharing this? You may appear to be down for the count. You may appear to have lost. Your opponent may appear to have won. But a second wind is being imparted into you now and I dare you to receive it! Open up your heart and mind and release the spirit of fear, doubt, unbelief and defeat and in exchange receive confidence, faith, assurance and victory!

You have what it takes to thrive in the midst of what is going on currently in America or better yet what may be taking place right now in your marriage, on your job or even with your children. You were simply setback for a comeback!

Now dust yourself off and walk with your head held high as the champion you are!!!!








14 thoughts on “Setback for a Comeback!

  1. YES!!!! Last night game was wonderful. I am a true football fan just not a Patriot’s fan. NEVERTHELESS the spiritual revelation the Lord gave me was amazing. So many points but the points you made that was the main point. Even when you are drained and tired and have every reason to give up DONT! Because what looks like defeat (your setback) is an opportunity for your comeback. The play that tied the game when New England got that two point conversion. Even though the opposition knocked him back he was right at his breakthrough. The enemy will make it seem like you wont cross the line of your breakthrough by sending things to knock you down but God has the very last say so. When we preserve our comeback will be like none other. Great read. Excited about the comeback!!!

  2. My number one take away is just because the situation looks like there is not a light at the end of the tunnel and it feels like you have been defeated. Get your second wind and go in to overdrive and gain the strength to get through your adversity.

  3. Berote I read this I was a no football fan never had an interest in it .This morn I heard so much of the news how the losing team came back. I thought immediately that’s saints life remains. We seem to be losing but there is a forerunner whose already won. So we dont have to be counted out. We keep pushing it. Not always win a game but we are winners! Thanks for sharing. I felt the same way you just unfold the game playing to me

  4. “This was the highlight of their life” this statement stood out to me the most. With everything I’ve gone through in my life, with every trial, tribulations and fear I still ride. I’m still standing. And because I have overcome them all, this too will be the highlight of my life. Pain +Passion = Profit

  5. This blog assures me that even though I’ve had many setbacks, I can recover. Although, I also see that a setback can be a valuable learning tool, if one chooses to get the wisdom. With that being stated, my second wind is here and I’m about to comeback!!!!

  6. Epic game! On the Patriots I definitely took away that even if we started life off on the wrong track, we shouldn’t focus on the time we’ve lost or focus how far along the next person may appear rather focus on the time we have and press forward never giving up. On the Falcons I took away that no matter how far along you think you are stay focused, determined, stay humble and continue to work as if you’re behind because you never know when that mountain is going to appear.

  7. Take away for me,
    When I find nyself in a situation that appears to show I am not accomplishing a huge goal, don’t give up, just reposition and keep moving. Faith over fear!

  8. My greatest takeaway is that it is never too late. Miracles can happen in the 11th hour or even the last second. Don’t count me out and never underestimate me! God is setting me up for a comeback but even better.

  9. My #1 takeaway is not to give up. Have faith in my quarterback (God). He’s got the plan, I just have to do my part and execute the plays He calls!

  10. My take away is don’t count yourself out!!! Even though it seems like your losing outwardly, think of a strategy, plan and vision to win. Motivate your team to execute your plan because you can’t do it alone.

  11. This is so true!!! Every time I feel like I’m at the end and want to give up God will show up and show out, be it a different view or concept or just someone to come and give me an encouraging words to reassure me that I’m on. the right path.

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